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Chopin Ecstasies

To Agnes Walker


Notes like fire in livid light

Notes that tread in ecstasy

With tender repetition, flying into spheres

Celestial, tainted with eternal beauty

And sadness ultimate to rainbow drops

Of pain: flames of snowlike softness

Touch with unreality of immortal dream.


O wild flower, wild ecstatic music!

Love eternal, this is beauty!

O note eternal, flowering thus,

Liquid light, superb eternity!

Sunshine eternal, absolute truth!

Wonderful craziness! Such painful beauty

Beyond understanding is your touching

Crystal lights of waterfall light.


Your passion overwhelming

Rippling like dream

Your notes are miraculous.


Magical, elusive, inconceivable beauty -

Notes tripped off like bells of air

And spirit, invisible source

Of music, eternity, ecstatic joy

And love! Music divine like love in spiritual

Honey rolling in scales of tumbling wonder!

Waterfalls of holiness, halos of sound

Trickling like flowers of full loveliness.


Notes from heavenly paradise

Modulations and rippling dissonances

From sacred water and fantastic beauty

Of snowdrops blooddrops tears and repeating

Tenderness of nature in the imagination!

Drenching firedrops saturating kindness

ln blissful music!

l will drown in my burning tears.


Mysterious unfolding of dream

Like light in eternal enantiodromia

Of tragic isolation agony

lnto glorious joy and infinite ecstasy

The absolute in wonder and convulsive

Love in miracle drenching dripping dream

Of flowers






                        of the stars



Essence of truth reality transformed

Through art´s miraculous magical transcendence

Of misery


Cloudsley, Tim, MA; British independent academic researcher and writer, poet, essayist, and short story writer resident in Colombia; formerly lecturer in Sociology at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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