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I Took A Plunge Into Ocean Deeps

l took a plunge into ocean deeps -

Slow dragging drown, or so it seemed,

Silent and glugging, gurgling bubbles

Through blue and breathless, sinking fear;

Water surrounding the brain and ears,

Pink seahorses, corals, purple bloated

Fishes playing in formations, dancing

And dazzling with hitherto unseen amazing

Sights of miracle, in the final moments

Of life - or so it seemed;

Until the ocean became a black wall

Of blind, final gasp;

And consciousness fizzled into fading pins

Of flickering light, and all was lost

Without pain, at last; until at last

After eons of oblivion I surfaced onto

A white-sanded shore, of blissful warmth,

Sun, and perfumes of lemon-flowers

Wafted by lovely gentle winds

Beside a heavenly blue sea, and under

A paradise sky of soft infinite expanse,

And felt my eyelids lift

At the sweet kisses of a beautiful and kind

Nymph, lulling me away from fear,

Smiling me to sweetest, gentlest peace.


Cloudsley, Tim, MA; British independent academic researcher and writer, poet, essayist, and short story writer resident in Colombia; formerly lecturer in Sociology at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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