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Wild Sea In Cosmic Fire

Flame burning in the night,

Pain splintered on dew at dawn,

Love weary with hope’s fanfares,

Death breathing its evil darkness,

Diamonds sparkling within the ashes,

Courage drained by leeching waters,

Beauty of music dancing in the sky,

In spurts of new flreworked stars,

Forming galaxies of divine sweetness,

Power of dreams from cosmic sleep,

Shamans’ visions flying aloft,

Superfuelled crowns of scattering jewels,

Gathering domains of heavenly life,

Ferocious song of dispersing cloud,

Shooting lights of brains’ illusions,

Loving in spurts of healing incantation,

Concentration of spirit’s energy,

Fanatics’ curse turned to joy,

Erotic curl swizzling flre

lnto madness of ecstatic flight

Loftily pacing now the ether

At light-speed, congealing time

Into one eternity;

Great Byron breathing heavenly flre

Of wild adventure in seas of flame

ln the universe‘s unconscious, or galactic dreams,

Wandering ships in the blue Mediterranean,

Lapped by sensual surf-flecks,

Arms of sensuous rock and sky

Entwined and interlocked in voyage,

Elevated mind containing love

From ocean to solar system to galaxy,

Back in celestial heights of trance,

Wires of imagination’s sparks flacking,

Bursting waves in intense confusion,

Turning to airs of intermixture

Of desires with perfumes and inhalations

Of intoxication with love and fusion

Of wild notes, ripping the fabric

Of beauteous air like stars’ rays

Of bewildering light into the ocean of night

Where goddesses bask on pedestals

Of noble fire, crisp and crackling,

lce of magic spells meandering

Like rivers of invisible aspiration,

Like purple incandescent wands of magicians´

Flares, spirals pirating in sparks of dream

Into night-warm air, dreaming liquid

As silver love in consummation,

Raving unevenly in bliss,

Rearing up as bucks of love

Wild in freedom, antelopes

Of light leaping ethereally light

ln blinding images of entranced brightness.

Frozen in wonder and permanence

Of pulsing hallucination.

Seething through the deep seas

Courageous nereids chum the depths,

Spinning webs of salted fate,

Suns shoot incandescent plumes

Through the red fire of symphonic air,

Gases emanating from the earth's crust

Catch into wilful flames of insane

Dance splashing from rocky crags

Upward like Krakatau in wild

Glee, violent cracks shake

And shudder the world’s infrastructure

In psychotic explosion thrusting fire

And burning white-hot debris

lnto translucent air, again and once

Repeatedly again, in endless

Time-withheld repetition,

Pathological geological violent eruption,

Splitting the ears of gods peering

From peaceful heavens, schizophrenic voices

In the mad minds of the universe.

Peace ascends, as if from underseas,

Witchy spells from earth and ocean

Drift and emanate, calming all,

Plunging weights of water, currents

In light and darkness, bubbled spots

Of tearful sun swirl and roll

ln masses around octopuses, and strange eyes

Sense descending calm from quietening winds

And life in cheery settledness - cosmic storm

ls over, and pink streaks

Of celestial light spread throughout

The domes rising from horizons;

Morning and evening merge

In soft sweet peace and bemusing calm,

Watery eyes of earth’s peace

At one with itself and conflict.

Bellowing calm, love settles

The spots of light among waves thinking

In their eternal sleep, the lotus-fold

Of watery fire and the flower of gold

ln the heart of massy ear1h’s breathing,

Blood pumping ephemeral dreams like fish

Jumping to the silent sound of rest,

Breathing as inhaling dream,

Swooning in ripples sweetening,

Cream of love overtaking death,

Slippery silver of dolphins hopping

Through surf in gentle smiles,

Conflicting powers in warm pact,

The gods at last falling into smile,

Dreams folding onto violent winds

Who forsake their vows and enter bliss,

Death dying away, as gales

Swallow their own fury, and bury

Fears back into whirlpools and volcanoes

In memory smoothed, as calm light

Of all visible and invisible hues

Stretches gently and evenly throughout the skies,

Embracing earth, sea, and cosmic peace.


Cloudsley, Tim, MA; British independent academic researcher and writer, poet, essayist, and short story writer resident in Colombia; formerly lecturer in Sociology at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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