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A Metaphysics Of Earth and Moon

To be performed on stage, using different voices, sometimes seen, sometimes not,

with varied lighting against different and changing visual backdrops.





This is my life;

That is how it is not.

Here, flowers pouring up to the sky  -

There, devils dragging down in regret.

Here, complications in coloured majesty -

There, simplicity and ordered mediocrity.






Love and death




Great poetry

Culture as a straightjacket for identity

Culture as a means for each to open into adventures of heart and mind

The modern world

Disaster or happiness

Progress or the abyss

Lessons learned or errors of evil

Endlessly repeated

Forever worse each time

Marriage and the family

War and technology

Too many people

Within a world still beautiful




Never a day goes by

Never a day without those birds in the sky




lt‘s not possible

To express your pain

Across the sky

Nor to compare

Your heart with mine

Your flights in different skies

With mine in other strange airs

Incommensurable is the life and mind

Of each in this funny human realm




Thoughts flowing within the mind in silence………

Vigorous activity as all history, all nature

Can pass within the brain, thinking ideas

That people and fill that most amazing jewel

And flower of the universe: consciousness.

What immense majesty in invisible quietness!




O how strange our feelings are.

We never really know who we are at all,

It is so confusing to be alive,

Unable to identify ourselves at all

To the Supreme Godhead, love‘s abstraction

In the midst of chaotic beauty.


There is a flow like making love

Unexpectedly, and kissing the hand

Of the Queen of Beauty, wearing stars

And all the sexiest imaginable flowers

Dreamt in gardens of mad perfume.




O weary is the night

Weary in fading light

Heavens of disappearing glimmer

Only the miracle of stars‘ shimmer

In beauty of the night




Your light is brighter than the sun of suns,

And though my heart is shattered as a beam of light

Upon the rocks of pain and jewelled death,

Yet those dark colours flame throughout my soul

Like rainbows in the rainy suns of dream

Where all is glorious in spite of deepest pain,

As love is its own mystery beyond the stars

Where range the strangest lightnings through its skies.




Of thou whose suns escape in flowers

Let the stars fly into universes

Of ecstasy, who is the moon

When we are dreaming, deep into the Dream.




The light is not the Light that does not shine

On Her, beyond compare,

Whose face could not be held against the moon

Without that lady fading from my sight;

Whose loveliness is softer than the snow

Which falls as pelt alight on Christmas night.




Music from the Ether

Evocation of heaven

Powers of an inner realm

Where shines celestial Light




I feel the life of love again

That were like magic in the sun

Where the curling waves of blue sky

Flew in my dreams and made me one

With all, and perfect billows came

And wafted round my tired brain

And told me soft words of inspired love

That warmed me into highest truth.




O radiance of joy, I am reborn,

The air is full of sweet sounds

From happy birds, that lift the soul

High into ecstasies of celestial peace.




I felt some metaphysical warmths

That were like flames within the sun

Licking the inner coils in love

That whirls like spiritual Catherine Wheels




As if One changed Her mind,

And left one in the void,

Unable to understand why

Everything was new, devoid

Of ancient certainties, and life became

Hell in nightmares of deep doubt

And labyrinthine anguish, remorse, regret,

And dark death of the crying, bleeding soul.




Saints flying and rocks and bones

Sex of the Universe and all insane

Rocking music of the deep blood

Raging red throughout the whirring mind

Of seas that do not stop for Man

Waves crashing like hurricanes

Lights smashing through the galaxies

My heart on fire like a maniac

I am in love with life again




Religion of life is new art

Metaphysics of feeling in strange form

This is love in bleeding mind

I am not dead anymore, no more,

I am alive and swim like a bird

In the blue universe that does not stop

Crying and flowing in aquarium sky

I cannot stop rolling like the waves

Of ocean yearning in the cosmic Whole




A crime against humanity

Is a crime against us all

It makes the heart and soul

Of each of us bleed in agony




The beauty of the Universe

Is all I have for you,

Only the beauty found in my mind

Can I offer to the world.




An epitaph is an end to all,

A new hello to a reawakened world,

The earth entering a new cycle,

The moon visiting the world again,

Rebirth of spirit in the flowers,

Beauty again in the blue sky,

Justice of karma for all living things,

Return of truth after agony.


Darkness is over when the sun

Turns into the moon, and the floating moon

Seeps into the sweetness of confusing sun

Where errors are forgotten and the new day

Borrows its wings from the night‘s stars

And radiance turns in silver flow

Of joy in dancing leaves upon trees

Of cosmic life breathing through all things.




Before the sun, all was condensed

Into pain, which was not understood

And life collapsed as a heavy balloon

Wet, then pierced in fierce night

Of falsity and insanity

Where goblins played ghastly jokes

Turning all familiarity

Into dense nightmare of lies and farce —

Ugly blackness where the soul cringes

In misery of repeated idiocy.

Then colour came, mysterious art

From brain‘s other side of imaginative drean

And drenched foolish negativity

In life, like laughter in the wondrous

Lights on water where the sun

Ripples its smiles and drifting swans

That fly and skim simultaneously

Upon the silvery golden moon.





And life beauty,

Here it is:

Breathe and think anew.

Fly a new soaring cloud to dreams

Amazing into the bright universe.


Tim Cloudsley nació Cambridge, Inglaterra. Es sociologo, escritor y poeta. Trabajó como profesor en la Escuela de Idiomas, de la Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga en el ámbito de estudios culturales y literatura.

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