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Menorcan Vignettes







I still think of you
In the warm water
Blue Mediterranean
Like a dream
Like the wafer-thin veil between life and death
In the beauty of pristine nature




Oh, god
why are we here?
But for Christ`s sake
Why not try
To be as kind
As possible.




Blue water
Mediterranean coast
Eucalyptus juniper olive trees
Hugging the rocks like carpets
Spanish wine
Pure happiness




Blue warm Mediterranean
Olive trees
Brandy and friendliness
The moon burning in a gorgeous night sky
And the stars twirling in ecstasy
Warm blue sky and lovely sea
Beauty of warmth like eternity




Warm water
Hugging a beautiful island
Emerald miracle
Kissing the silver beaches
Hot sun
Smiling beams all round in love
Dreams of water
Wine and blueness
Softening the heart and mind with life




Lonely being on a beach
Two gulls
Reddening sun lowering




Extraordinary loneliness
Of the human being.
Nelson can win the battle,
But die alone.
Heroes are burned on flaming ships
Hell fires on insane sinking
Hulks broken by cannon balls
In desperate battle;
Who wins,
Britain is the bravest, toughest, the strangely most miraculous,
How?  Destiny had it 




Pines in the sand dunes
Pine needles on the sand
Scents of pine and myrtle
Lovely unwinding feeling
In the bright heat




Great burst of sunshine
Penetrates the mind
Saturates the brain
Fills the retina with flights of colour
Irradiates the psyche with after-images of gold,
Silver, blue, and red from the bright flowers,
The bright sea, shimmering,
The bright sky, deep blue inane,
Flowers, sand, green trees, whispering
Leaves in the wind, twisting silver,
Golden cloud, white-yellow sand,
Colours and bright lightness for the mind to keep
Full with, throughout dark Northern winter,
Months of cold, dark, troglodyte rain




White casas
Against the night blue dark sky
Against the blue warm sky
In sunny day
Shapes for a painter
An artist of geometric vision
Abstract lines and boxes
For an artist`s mind




Beautiful girl tripping
Into the surf-flecked sea
Lightly but fastly
Then swimming and diving


Menorcan girl
Plunging into exquisite waters
Pretty girl bobbing
In Mediterranean sea



Oftentimes, when all were sleeping,
I would dream the moon, alone,
As if in wild dream, flying loose;

Thus was always the promise of poetry,
The remarkable risk against the sky,
In flight with those crazy stars, shooting.




I hope when they look at the sky
On star-lit nights,
They feel deeply, too;

And then forget, as I,
For the world moves on, in clouds
That wander by.




Effervescence     explosion
Sparkling colour
Lightness like in piano pieces
Joy of rippling sea




Blue turquoise emerald
Flecks sea surface
Shimmering mirrors of vast view
Space from the rocks of the red Mediterranean
Grinding bus down the wallowing roads
        other thoughts
    and sun
        and perspiration
Swimming in the hard sea
        wonderful and beautiful
Dust in the hills
        succulents and gorse




Pink purple sunshimmers
For departing day
Golden sounds on the washing sea
Alone on the beach with the rippling sea
With no other sound but the waves and wind
And the golden ripples on the shimmering sea


Tim Cloudsley nació Cambridge, Inglaterra. Es sociologo, escritor y poeta. Trabajó como profesor en la Escuela de Idiomas, de la Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga en el ámbito de estudios culturales y literatura.

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