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Sueño Hacia el Sur (Dream To The South)

Whispering in levels of wondered air,   

Wandering through stars of dreaming time,

Flying in oceans of magic perfume -

Call to the drug of trancéd love;

Breathing the atman of all eternity`s joy,

Joining with the world in ecstasy,  

Sweet is that endless hope in love;

The soaring spirit happy eternally.



I dreamt into the flying vistas of cosmic truth

And I saw within and beneath the melancholy of all love and hope,

I knew the entrance into uncracked harmony and love

Was open for the mind of blinding light.

Seeing the world sprinkled in gleaming flame

The dream is real flowing into glorious touch,

Courage is sniffed in the air like certainty

Of love and beauty, smiling eternally.

The Origin is brought right into the Here and Now,

And Divinity glows in all the earth and sky,-

There is no more possible, nothing less, nothing else,

All shimmering reality is on fire with Love

Flaring up again from the inner flame -

Again and again the perfect patterns of sparks  

Burst from the innermost centre of creation

In poetry and music and all strange certainty

Towering in spirals of accelerating explosion

In multitudes of multicoloured flowers and rainbows   

Bursting as expanding fireworks in beauty

Colouring and rounding and swirling and pouring,

Filling the universe`s vaults with star-insane skies,

Expanding in sounds of infinite orchestras.



Show not hubris as you live

In great immensity of unrestrainable dream:

Give well even as you take happily

And karma will not whack you down;

Be generous though know when to hold your own

When the honey bee becomes the black spider

When the honey turns into the fevered trap

And the thorns and fangs expose themselves

In the luxury which somehow has to survive

Within limited sun and water and nutrients

No matter how great their quantities be,

And as the Amazon perfumes knock out your senses.



Have we lived on this earth half a million years

Howling and eating food with rituals and burying

Dead people and animals, and waited eons

For the occasional divine brilliance of Tu Fu or Mozart:

How mad are we, how we need courage -

Masculine conquering love, and desire

To penetrate and fertilize and explode within

The succulent, voluptuous, erotically

Beautiful female: ah! the gods and goddesses

Are within us, celebrated in shamans’ flights

And visions, and in cosmic art

Of the greatest poets and musicians and painters

Firing into the unknown, and shining light

Where it has never been before, allowing vision

For all humanity, opening the abysses and heavens

To understanding, allowing perception

Of new possibilities, new loves, new hope,

In the fire of never-ending growth and new

Utopian dream: this is the cosmic truth

That floats upon the oceans of poetic dream,

That flames from volcanoes of divine spirit,

That is suppressed, forgotten, distrusted, ignored,

Feared, distorted, killed, lost sight of

In the visionless world of de-eroticized life

In the modern commercial blind alley

That awaits reawakening as surely as a cloud

Black with thunder and rain awaits its storm

Or a giant bright jungle flower

Waits to burst its colours and perfumes

Upon expansion of dream and sexual Energy.



Firing to the heavens of celestial light,

Or diving to the torments of dark subterranean hells,

Flying in the widest spheres of bright

Starry light or mad flames of night,

Explosion of the cosmic force of love,

Sexual union of all regenerating life,

Force of eonic galactic matter

Rising to life and thought and love

And art - compressed truth of the universe -

That burns as a billion seas of balm,

Flowing in and through and around the pained

And suffering soul and wounded psyche,

The spirit sunk into dust and chaos,

The soul broken and fragmented and dispersed

In fear, until its terror of life

Makes it hate all, and yearn oblivion -

Sinking and merging into the homogeneity:

Until the saturating oceans of love

Have brought eternal fire to the inner heart

And assuaged agony, redeemed chaos,

Allowed some glimpse of the real motions

Of the heavens, the heart, the mind, the world

Of humanity and nature, the circulating blood

Of the planet, sun, the sound of hope

In music and poetry, and all divine beauty,

That sings everywhere for the opened senses

Of enflamed passion and purest ecstasy.



The stars scratching down your back

In magic crystal dark night

Of love moods, are wild as fires

In the deep heart that boils.



I love to be with those who love

Justice and art and music and truth

In philosophy, and are like bathing babies

Skinless in ecstasy of truth like honey,

Part of the surging from Imagination`s fount

Into the crystal air with universal love

And poetry of life in sensuality

Of art and nature and erotic dream.



For him who can dream, the world is open

Though he grate along the ocean gravel,

Grovelling long tunnels of evil, dark, cold

Pain between: yet he then flies,

Fire flaming through the night,

Glory rising with diaphanous wings

And invisible diamond, soft and weightless

Like music of divine spirit`s beauty

Drawing the soul into the World-Spirit

Of love and hope, and adventure beckons

Him who can dream and bravely tap

At the voluptuous door into ecstasy.



Ripped apart by the first chord of Don Giovanni,

Summoned to extremity with the horn in Bruckner`s Ninth,

Der Abschied of Bruckner, Mahler, or Richard Strauss -

So strange to be so absolutely beautiful

Yet haunted with melancholy agony

Suffused with inconceivable, inexplicable mystery -

Subtlety so infinite, the door opened into intensity,

Emotions so vast you could never see their seas,

Death surpassed in transcendence of the brain -

Cosmic, eternal, ethereal, extraordinary -

Crystals of dewy thought woven by magic,

Sound in the planetary harmonies of the spheres,

Celestial divinity of Dantean perfection:

I return to that horn in Bruckner`s Ninth.



Rising with the boiling blood,

Vision allowing revelation,

Intuition deciding what to do,

Gentleness letting the Tao be strong

In its passage, streaming

And taking you along the way it must go,

Riding the waves you cannot dictate,

Moving on the crests whose peculiar beauty

You can shape to finality, but not create

From nothing: ah, to have courage

Is not to be arrogant or proud.



In crystal music softness trance

Naivety babyish sweet dream

Young unknowing innocence

Vulnerable, needing to become wild

Fearful temptation leap shudder

Stamping to express oneself

Jimi Hendrix from the South

Wild flinging burning notes

Eating from the chipped guts

Flying winds of diamond fires.



Fool I go knowing death

Leap to the light knowing bright

Sun repeating season life

Expurgating illness in new harvest

Bring millenial Inca return

Rising up, wipe out oppression

Andean visionary millenial hope.



To they who know how to love,

To them who give without counting effects

And are therefore so full of bounty;

You who have as your deep secret

Not to be envious of others` pleasure

And can laugh at others` approbation

As somehow you do not need to compete

On the petty planes; enjoy being friendly

To all: that is the brightest jewel.



Light rain sweet dream

Torrential forest rain equatorial

Amazon dreams in huge moon

Silver revolving soft moon

Rain female smiling dream

Deluge rain washing doubt

Rain dream in afternoon

Iquiteñas dreaming rain.




And then open that fount that wants to spurt

Cosmic, erotic, animal, and spiritual Energy -

Blocked by the laws and rules,

The Morality and imbecilic rationality

Of Western Christianity, Mechanism, Feminism, -

Death in its many variations:

Give us life in spontaneous, unjudging desire,

Beauty that flows in inspired directions,

That knows no obstacles in ideologies

Nor preconceptions about Morality

Nor death-filled values about priority

Of different modes of human being,

And knows there is no one answer

To anything, and that no one person

Knows everything - everything being something that cannot be known;

And life and love are magic, enigmatic

Strangeness, and are always changing

Colour and shade in shimmering lights

Upon the Amazon, cast by the burning moon.



The sun exploding in its blood

ln the sunset at Belen,

Grand concourse of emotions

Whose intensity is quiet

As a canoer`s oar on the flat river

Turning black with deep sunset,

Like oil supplying the cosmic fire

Of the sun`s burst before going down.



The love that fires the universe,

That makes the link between all humans

Of sacred value, asking to be

In accord with universal values

Of truth and justice, - this is the basis

Of all philosophy of life.




The love of all mankind must be

A bit tough, as human beings

Are not perfect, and disillusion

Comes after false expectation;

And so admit all your faults,

And accept the inadequacies of human nature,

And realize the world could never be perfect

According to abstract ideologies,

Though starvation and extreme poverty

Could be eradicated in reality.



Falling into an emotion so extreme

Like an abyss intense in unfathomability -

Devoid of support, clues, hints, or reminders,-

The unknown darkness that blows your mind

With no recognizable structure as you fly or fall

In love, with dread and absolute ecstasy

Of desire requited unbelievably.

Desire flaming into dark juices,

Soft satisfaction streaming into caves,

Looking back to paradise, innocence, desire satisfied

Without thought, blazing in eternal joy.



It`s not so much that I come here to discover who I am,

It`s that I come here to find out I don`t know who I am,

And that I am capable of infinite self-inventions

Once jumped into a void of world-unknowing,

Once rolling in adventure, unknown and unidentified,

Finding I can be so many personages,

Like becoming imagined ancestors or old heroes;-

So much I can be with all my different moods

Interacting and harmonizing with open worlds,

Dreaming and becoming projections of my dreams,

Dreaming and playing roles invented in dream.



As if yearning for some blood of an earlier life,

As if the inexpressible feeling for this star and the moon

Hanging so clearly in the extraordinary dusk sky

Of the Peruvian Amazon, reminds of all Intensity of being, all that should be lived

To the hilt of its juice as of jungle fruit,

All that should be felt, loved, drunk, touched;

Ah you know it here, in the red sunset sky.



Warmth of soul that brings next

Exquisite sadness through enantiodromia,

Rare intensity of feeling in extraordinary beauty

Among hospitality and kind friendliness

Of Yaminahua families: so at home

And at ease I feel, I wonder why

Five thousand miles and grim footsores

I need before the aura and its Source

Can seem to coalesce, miraculously.



She walks in beauty, like the night

And stars crowd around her hair

Dark as space framing her face

Of loveliness and soft smiles,

Her luscious lips as red as fruit,

Her eyes sparkling, laughing bright,

All heaven in her joy, her wonder

Exceeding the deepest miracle,

Her beauty devastating sense

As she talks and smiles and beams out love.



Mingling merging into sun, eternity,

Striving through frustration to reach peace, even

Keel of the soul, order of harmony

Spontaneous to rounded integration -

Effort sufficient to flow with life`s

Possibilities, but not burst at the seams

From happiness in over-urgent agitation:

Peace with levitation to higher dream.

Visions coming as the soul flies,

Answering questions of the seeking spirit,

As the search for love becomes real with a woman -

Soft, curved, round, sweet, and warm -

So metaphysics become concrete

In the visionary realm of shamanic flight.

In an enchanted grot, or free stream

Where trickling waters and dancing springs

Play with light in the interstices

Of palm leaves and tough lianas,

Singing insects and loud birds,

There you meet the native girl

Gently walking in a brook

That ripples and laps against her moist calves

And her dark hair reflects like trees

In the brown water, and soft splashes

Answer the heat of the afternoon,

And when you speak, she smiles long before

She answers, her laughter sounding infinitely more

Than words, and in that magic place

All myth and history happen.



Until I, walking in a trance in sun

Remember the union of all intention

Beneath the splinters, beyond the nerves

Of day`s exhaustion, into night`s long cave

In cool, soft, dreaming love,

Unity of emotions in diversity,

Coordination of strange different

Passions into singular burning sun.



Memories of her face on the river, beautiful,

Gold exploding sun over brown water,

Remind of journeys through confusing labyrinths

To simple truths against all cant:

Love and beauty are good, joy supreme

Is in happiness, warmth, friendliness,

Trying to help and make things work,

And in adventure, challenge, rising up

With holy erotic libido and wicked

Devil`s twinkle and yearning exploring

For more ecstasy, without hurting others;

This is possible - to let the fuse ignite

Into the burning veins and become all

You can dream;- arguments against

Are moral, repressive, and fail to grasp

That if squashed a snake becomes more dangerous,

And thus l know no guilt for being

A man, an animal, and a god in one

Life, but not all in equal measure

At the same moment; and amid all madness

I reach my arm as to a jungle fruit

Exploding in succulent beauty in the sun,

In thirst deep, toward human peace.

Satan rebel wild caprice

Imagination thirsting to stir things up

Be dangerous risk love life

Foment free thought stimulate desire

Succumb to temptation over dark edges of night

Get away with murder with a charming smile

Make love to the milk-maid and the queen

Daring immoral insolent disobedient

To all; and then under the stars -

Crazy, sublime, infinite, exquisite stars,

Melancholic, silent, music of the spheres,-

Embrace eternity in truth and love.



The whole forest is on fire with life

At dusk, the singing is as if

It were one gigantic orchestra

Of wild animal and plant sounds

Communicating with itself.



This boat is ploughing through the brown,

The surface looks like mud and hides

The depths of a strong, fast river,

The almost uninhabited Rio Mishagua,

Remote tributary to the swift Urubamba

That runs into the grand Ucayali

That feeds into the great Amazon

Before Iquitos. Birds and insects

Mingle their singing and their chanting

As the sun heightens, and the heat begins

To sizzle and fry in the opening morning

Again. The sky is blue,-

An open, intense, deep inane

Of loveliness to dream into,

Lying back in the slender bote

That rocks a little as it cuts the water

Under the power of the peque-peque

Motor, that grinds hour after hour

Through the fish-filled river and bird-flying air

Along the calm but vibrant Río Mishagua,

The river from whose headwaters the Nahua came

Nine years ago, in boats, to Sepagua,

And I saw them arrive. No clothes,

Many beads, not knowing metal nor how to fish

They came from remote interior forest

Where they had retreated under pressure

Of time;- only because they were ill

Or their fellows had died; so now, weak

And frightened they came, needing medicine

And accepting missionaries` help, which before

They had scorned, and had proudly shot

Only arrows and spears as reception presents

At any who entered their sacred territory

To hunt for wood, skins, or oil

Or to convert souls. And now I follow

In my boat with native Yaminahua friends,

The Nahua back to Serejal,

Their new community formed from the remnants

Of all their former groups, far up

The same Río Mishagua, far from noise

Of aeroplanes, mestizos, shops, motors,

Though now they have a radio

And work at finding mahogany;

How their traditions fare I will see

As we come upon their community.



Spirit of fire in the human heart

Flame of humanity in the universe

Alone yet at one with everything

Let peace reign among humanity.



I love life, the Yaminahua hunt,

We chug along the Río Mishagua,

The sun is hot, the insects bite

Like hell when we stop in the Amazon.



The Nahua girl in the boat by me

Is pretty, and smiles like a butterfly

Or an open flower, and I only know

Four or five words of her idioma.



Singing spells into the jungle night

Jungle jumping dancing cutting palms

Eat honey and into sexual digestion

Streams of magical spells enchanted

With dreams like moon slithering light

On the brown rippled river, sleeping tight

Ah with my Nahua and Yaminahua friends

We chant and sing and engender spells

To cure all that lives, spreading life

In the mental jungle everlasting bright.



My own memory traces are part of the universe,

Pieces of thread in the cosmic lineament,

Spots within infinity, glimpses of eternity,

Mixing with all other things like molecules in soup,

Like individual plants within the vast Amazon jungle,

Like one insect`s stridulation in the gigantic symphony

Of Amazonia. And they mingle with Yaminahua dreams

Of when they hunted without clothes

And only bows and arrows, and they wandered

From chacra to temporary chacra,

And summoned the spirits as they still do now

Under ayahuasca, in the wild forest

Where huge coloured birds fly

In the daytime, and where the moon burns

Silvery and white in quiet jungle night.



 My pen is on fire like Chorro chanting,

The great curandero of the Yaminahua,

Who enters heights of intensity

Under ayahuasca, that I recognize

When the spirit takes me and whams me to

The stars, and all the forces of words and music

And spirit and libido and spontaneous insane

Creativity move you as if pulled by mountains

Or rivers or jaguars or desires for a woman

In flames of powerful spiralled colour, -

Flames of love and penetration,

Flames of desire to fly to the heavens,

Flames of desire to burst into other worlds.



I find the Origin, and I jump right in,

No gap is there between me and it,

No tint of melancholy at unbridgeable chasms,

No pain at beauty unattainable;

I am there, and I am in it,

I am a shaman, ayahuascero,

The spirits know it as I fly and chant,

As I blow and whisk magic spells around,

Flooded with visions of jungle poetry,

I am in the heart of rushing shivers.



Why do I have to come here to see straight,

To realize how much I can love what I do,

To feel clearly my destiny,

To know my luck, and my limitation,

To see what I create, and want to do,

To know whom I love, and that I love to love her,

To feel warm as with a kitten`s purr.



To leave the fires and billows of this world -

Beloved cursed jungle hell -

Paradise beauty love exhaustion,

Chanting Yaminahua and Nahua art

Of infinite wild free subtlety:

Here is life for as long as you can take it.



An atom of the Eternal, whose own smile

Unfolds itself, and knows itself divine,

Gleaming through all skies and tears or rain,

Turning to light all agony and pain,

Drenching all suffering with all-consuming love,

Discharging pity into every woeful cry,

Concerning itself for the wriggling worm or fly,

As for the mind of genius, the mightiest in philosophy;

Pleading for mercy, allowing sweet reason

Of the heart and soul of nature, and the cream of dreaming music,

Enter the miraculous, the sphere of immaculate dream,

Where the leaves and the grass are green, in divine reality,

Where the hope in the hopping fish, flopping on jungle brown

Rivers of fast-flowing speckling rippling sheen,

Turns from rain to sun, pelting poetry

Of the soul`s enantiodromia, eternal necessity.

And where the moon burns, inextinguishably beautiful,

Saturated in love, pelting with silvery beams

Of smiling moonshine, cool eternity

Killing the sense with passion, like perfume of wild petals

Eating the night light in hunger of silent howl

In supernatural lust, eager in strange light

Of the waxing or waning moon, slither or burning round

In reversal of music`s flow, time revolving backwards

As opposite perfume of spells, tranced in bewitched dance.



Poets and shamans need tough protection

For their visionary beauty, soft and bright –

Rare as the honeyed fruit of the jungle

Amid harsh spiky hard rough

Unthinking growth: life is hard

For all, but to preserve the seed

Of fragile vision and imagination

For later apparitions in lovely song

Is a schizoid destiny stamped in the soul

Of some, like a charmed curse,

Like love that reaches the highest stars

But also rips and burns the strings

Of the heart: tough, honoured fate.

Creators of miracles that cannot fail

To lift the soul from its howling confusion

To transcendent certainty and mystic calm,

Sudden understanding of the spherical truth

Within chaos, otherwise blocked

From vision by lower perceptions,

Petty emotions, familiar prejudices,

Or simply by the needs of ordinary urges

That must hold sway ordinarily,

Until their grey clouds clear,

Allowing the pristine heat and light

Of the sun to shower down in drenching

Brightness, flooding music of love.

Now we see the stars dripping in tears,

Life moving through its intense, deep pain

Mingled with beauty, the joy exploding

In fire of suns, thunderous in power.



Make love just one more time before we die,

Sleep a thousand eons of sexual night,

Fly to the moon on obsession`s carpet

Of magic rolling through all stars,

Dance to the sun in silent music`s madness,

This is where heaven keeps peace with restlessness,

The dream unfolds itself and knows itself divine,

Sirens sleep and arouse new hope

In the same song, and death reaps

Its harvest of flaring sparking knives,

Beauty spikes its rings of eternity.

No light suffices to see the dark,

Stars are pin-pricks, lost in the night,

Doubts make you plunge into the wine-dark waters,

Love arouses with its billion births,

Smacking death into pulverized fragments,

The slivers of stained glass, holy

Light in its myriad infinite colours

Dashed to unity, splendoured bright.

The fragments of partial one-sided colour

In life`s wobbling between extremes

Are trampled down to dust, the crystal glass

Breaking into the One, merged, unified White Light

Where all is united, no misunderstanding

Is possible due to partiality;—

Diffused into the brilliant, beautiful Wholeness,

The individual soul is a speck in a transcendent

Mosaic where all is joined to all,

All dances in harmony with all,

All is part of every other part,

And each sound joins the chord of Eternity.



Sweet singing love that opens up the sun,

Let dawn awake with pink and sweetest light,-

Soft flavour, gentle rest, peace in the inner core

As dreams wisp by, fleeting into day.



Dark passages of dim desire,

Nothing ever ends, but turns

Its colour, the boat slips on

In memory, or nightmare, or sweet bliss;

You stop where you didn`t know, and continue floating

When you thought the final cloud had burst

Its vengeance;- nothing stops,

Your mind alone invents distinctions

And dualities. Welcome love,

But know the flight bites through all perils

Known and unknown, predictable or unimaginable;

In a legendary microcosmic search for love,

The journey cannot be easy, not for long.



To be freed from desire as from the rack of life,

Liberating the Orphic soul for flight,

No more must union be through erotic love

With its inevitable pain, conflict, soul in agony.

No more must Brünnhilde be sprung from her ring of fire,

Later to be betrayed by the only man

Who can open her being to the fullness of love,

When he is lost and does not know who he is.

Now may communion be without guilt

Or tragedy, union not lead

To division then hatred and cold misunderstanding:

Thus have so many hoped of death,

Sleep, retreat, saintliness;

But still I ask

For erotic and spiritual oneness and unity

In life, not death; now, not then;

Hoping that happiness is real, not a shadow

Of that which lies beyond our life -

Which is a sleep and a forgetting, an eclipsing curse

Which cannot quench the absolute thirst

For that fire into which we yearn to leap:

Make life real wherever you can,

In spite of the pain, which is invincible.



With the sky held firm and high against the firmament,

The clouds floating by in a motion of inevitability

As if painted on invisible chariots of the day,

Smiling past in wisps of gold tassle

Entwined into their faces in expressions of the sun,

The freedom in inevitability is felt as all the world -

Cows, insects, people, trees, monkeys, and flowers -

All come out and blossom with movement or sound

Or smiles and laughter, bright colours, chatter.

And doubt and confusion give way to peace,

As you find it easy to smile with goodwill,

Without feeling all is emasculated, falsely giving in

To oppression or imposition from others, unjustly.

And the beauty of a smile wings its gorgeous

Way through the air like the music of a beautiful girI`s

Perfume and flowing hair and soft lips and loving

Prettiness - heaven incarnate on this earth.


There are times when the Divine Force

Enters you suddenly and without announcement

And without any effort or technique of invitation

Needed, and then you are brimmed to overflowing

In the divine honey of warm sweetness,

And a power shoots you far above the earth

From where all can be seen, dispassionately yet with passion -

Generously, lovingly, understandingly,

Seeing into the interior core of love,

And inspiration bubbles up within you like spiritual champagne,

And you are high with the gods and close to God,

In communion with the buried lamp that burns as the soul of the world.

And my life-blood pours, red and hot,

Flowing along the valleys of spiritual thought,

Down through all the tributaries of pain and loss,

into the grand river of my destiny,

Into the open sea of eternity.

And the spirit of love burns in sweet harmony,

And the flame of my crimson heart throws its gold

Into the abyss of darkness, the silent void

Of terror and cold eternity, shooting up the lights

Of liquid smiling painless bliss.



Thrilled in the ecstasies and agonies of love,

We fly to the ultimate mysteries,

Where all the structures of the mind and universe

Dissolve, and mad ecstasy takes over all perception,

And convulsions and eruptions of joy and pain

Spear through the air like volcanic fire,

Sparks and crackling bursts of intense flame

Pluming all labyrinths of music`s mind,

Spurting to every inter-categorical interstice in the universe,

Exploring unfixed shadows within the laws of power,

Sounds between the notes of apparent music,

Delights and designs where the mind devoid

Of Imagination`s fire sees nothing at all,

Where the being empty of divine Energy

Knows not the sparkling kisses of life,

The overflowing gorgeous lips of love,

The clasping embraces of sky and sea

Sleeping in each other`s arms, unheedingly,

Laughing as one body and one divine mind,

Infinite, beautiful, in Eternity.



Into wild dark regions of the soul

Must I explore, like the search for dream

In the exhausting Amazon,

The yearning after primordial art

Of sound, word, chant, hallucinogenic

Vision, the casting of entrancing or bewitching magic,

Transporting being to wild realms

Of other worlds, where magic rules

And ecstatic sensual dream of spirit

Prevails, as to erotic repetition

Of  bewitching enchanting Obsession.

All the four functions of the psyche are aroused -

Emotions, lust, spirit, and mind -

Or feelings, sensual desire, intuition, and thought -

By love: thus is it a four-petalled fire,

A four-pronged fork pitching into hell,

As so easily it unbalances like a rocket that fires

With four jets, spiralling out of control

If one cuts out, or if their relative forces

Change. Death is invited,

Yet you never can abandon the dream

Of fourfold integrated love in happiness -

Harmony and power in the same constellation,

Peace and explosion in the same being.

Love for a woman leaves little trace

In the universe, as the spark from a rocket

Fizzles and fades into the infinite dark cold void

Leaving nothing in the tiny space

Where for an instant it was white-hot,

Except in one man`s memory, where it burns

Hard and forever, as long as he exists

Which is always, for as the soul slips

From individual life into the cosmic whole,

All memory is interwoven into an infinitely complex

Web of sea and fire and love.



The whirling wheel of sea and fire

Makes brimming calm slow spread

Of the spirit in breathing love and justice

And turning to the wild love of earth

And union of penetrating male and soft receiving

Female in love and dark moist

Joy and explosion of fertilization

And life expanding and hope growing

And from sun through air to earth the life

Participates in intoxication

As incantations to the sea

As native chanting to the spirits

Of the forest in luxuriant ecstasy.


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Tim Cloudsley nació Cambridge, Inglaterra. Es sociologo, escritor y poeta. Trabajó como profesor en la Escuela de Idiomas, de la Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga en el ámbito de estudios culturales y literatura.

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