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Polish Cycle





Not one more moment waste,

If you are here for love and joy

Miss not one drop again.


Hear the sounds of nature´s beauty,

Smell the perfumes from the flowers,

Think no more of anything


Than that. For thus it is to be in harmony

With creation, to be creative,

Everything can happily flow


Out from that, for if the mind is right

Every action will be bright

And disaster will be replaced


By glowing lights and sweet smiles

Of ecstasy in heaven,

Here upon the earth.








O the heavenly light of suns

Upon the reddened mirror of water -

Ripples of sacred calm, tranquillity

Of settled soul and even spirit.








I go naked into the world -

My faults are clear, but also,

Have I not got some shining qualities?


I should not deny my vices,

But can I not also dwell upon

What I came down here for?








Spirit of Beauty, that dost consecrate

With thine own hues, all thou dost shine upon

Do I not fly with thee just now

Do I not merge into your joyous lights

Have I not learnt from my misery and pain

Just where to hover, like a singing star








As with the fire of flames,

At night, in the dreadful cold

You warmed me, dried the tears

Like rain in perpetual downpour


Reminding me of the burning sun

That clears through scowling clouds

So that the soul can be and do

What it must, at last, and be free








Drifting through the perfumes of perfect nature,

Breathing in the flowers in ecstasy,

Felling through the sounds of birds in air

Singing and twittering in sweetest memory

Of absolute happiness, perfect truth,

Drifting in absolute joy through love

Of the cosmic whole, the essence of nature´s

Perfect oneness, where nothing can die.








I nearly lost my integrating soul

As the mist blocked the view from Skrzyczne.

I have been feeling a cold, steel, night

Alternating with warm, soft, bright, day

And that has been as a self-destruction

Constantly gnawing at my inner brain

My psyche churned into a sea of hell

Rolling in perpetual misery,

My endless dream of sad problem

Splintered into fragments of chaos.

O let the clear, happy brightness

Stay with me perpetually!







There is an understanding

Between my heart and me,

We will be careful for each other

And hold the other in respect of love;

So it will be for all other things,

Being gently mindful in positive, generous

Mode to all persons, events, and circumstances:

From such deep nobility healing winds

Will sweep around all wounds.








Chfff . . . . . .   Chfff . . . . . .   chak chak!


Polish Corridor


Thrilling fantasies

Night trains -

This is it.








Why did they choose there

I saw a fly in the toilet at Auschwitz

He wasn´t as bad as them

Among the vast heaps of hair

(Most was grey) some streaks of golden

Blonde or brown I could see

The trees all around were perfectly green










Hang free!

Learn from the bee!

Grow like a tree!

Feel some qlee!

No more worry,

Take things as they come

Live in the present,

With anxiety be done.


Tim Cloudsley nació Cambridge, Inglaterra. Es sociologo, escritor y poeta. Trabajó como profesor en la Escuela de Idiomas, de la Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga en el ámbito de estudios culturales y literatura.

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